What type of service does my car need before summer?

What type of service does my car need before summer?
We get asked this question quite a bit when the sun is out and things start turning green, joggers and bikers are out in numbers. The answer has changed over the years but some of the basic auto service a mechanic performs hasn’t.
It’s always a good idea to make sure your car or truck’s oil change service is current, fluid levels are up and coolant strength is good for occasional hot days in heavy traffic but more importantly you should definitely make sure your owners manual’s rough service table mileage service requirements are up to date for your car or truck. You can find them in the back of your owner’s manual or we can pull your service requirements up for you on our shop software.
When you look over the table and you see any maintenance that have been missed at previous mileage intervals, now is the time to “catch up” and get them taken care of with your current auto service requirements. Taking care of things like rotating tires, brake inspections, checking belts and hoses, servicing the transmission and differentials, wiper blades, checking for any fluid leaks, spark plugs, fuel filters, air filter, cabin air filter, tire condition and others can help keep you from calling us with that panic car breakdown and tow truck story we mechanics hear so often once the high daytime temperatures take hold.
A mechanic likes to make sure the suspension is in good shape after you’ve hit some of the pot holes that developed over the winter so there is no unsafe loose front end part to cause premature tire ware on upcoming trips. Also a tight and steering system suspension will help to keep the car on the road in wet and stop and go driving conditions.
We always think it’s a good idea to make sure your battery as well as your alternator and starter are strong before the temperature climbs and pushes them over the edge in the hot weather.
To sum it up a little preventative maintenance by your auto mechanic for your car or truck can save you money and stress in the long run.

Jack Carrick

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