Check Engine Light?

What should you do if my cars yellow check engine light comes on? First of all, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and think about what actions took place the shortly before the little yellow light on your car’s dash came on.
Did you just stop for gas? Our mechanics have had customers come to our Saint Paul auto repair shop in a panic about their check engine light on just to find that they forgot to put the gas cap back on or they didn’t tighten it all the way.
The other day an auto mechanic friend told me he had a customer in his auto shop with a check engine light on after the customer washed his engine. Last month we had a Nissan come in after a heavy rain with a check engine light on that had just driven through a deep puddle.
Before you bring your car in to our mechanics check your gas cap and if the engine compartment got wet and your car appears to be running fine drive it or let it run until it dries out. You may save yourself a trip to our shop.
But if your check engine light comes on and stays on it’s a good idea to get it in and have our mechanics check the trouble codes in your cars main computer. It doesn’t take long to check your cars trouble codes but would like you to set up an appointment so you don’t have to wait for a free mechanic.
Some other reasons your check engine light could be on are a bad; oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, crank position sensor, knock sensor, catalytic converter, spark plugs or wires, fuel injectors and many more.
As you can see, there are a ton of reasons why this light could come on. There is no way for a mechanic or anyone else to know for sure what the problem is without checking your car’s stored codes and following proper diagnostic procedure for that code to find out if the check engine light is caused by a sensor, bad wiring or even a worn out engine.
If the light that came on is red and reads oil or temp pull over and stop as soon as possible or you will cause major engine damage! It may save you thousands of dollars if you stop immediately, call a tow truck and get a ride home.
A yellow check engine light may be a minor problem or a major one. If your car doesn’t seem to be running smooth or is hesitating it’s important to have it checked in a timely matter so other automotive systems are not damaged.
If you don’t remember which light is what you can always call us and ask. But remember red means stop! Yellow means proceed with caution.
Jack Carrick
Minnesota Repair Inc

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